StateWORKS Newsletter 1/06


  1. Welcome
  2. A lecture at a university
  3. The technical note "Completeness of information in the virtual environment - the "unknown" ("undefined") control values"

1. Welcome

Recently I gave a lecture at a university which inspired me to formulate some remarks about the communication technique employed. As a side effect of the lecture I produced a technical note which may be of interest for you too.

This is the first newsletter in 2006. We will continue to supply you information about the StateWORKS concept and implementation.

F. Wagner

2. A lecture at a university

A professor at a US university which uses StateWORKS Studio in the lab asked me to make a surprise for the students and give them a lecture from Europe using a real-time communication technique. Of course, video conferences are nothing new but we wanted to arrange it for free. The realisation was eventually quite simple: I used a virtual desktop running under Windows Server 2003 in the University lab, presenting some slides and working in StateWORKS Studio - my desktop has been projected on a screen in the lecture room. In addition, we established a telephone call using Skype and my voice has been directed to students via loudspeakers.

In spite of some technical difficulties I managed to give a talk. Of course I was missing the eye to eye contact with the students but I was glad to get a reasonable chance of transmitting some information over thousand of kilometres without leaving my office. Three cheers for the modern communication methods!

3.The technical note "Completeness of information in the virtual environment - the "unknown" ("undefined") control values"

The technical note discusses the concept of "unknown" ("undefined") control values introduced in the Vfsm concept and its implementation in the StateWORKS Studio. It is based essentially on the lecture given at the university. You should read it while studying also the Pressure and Pressure1 projects.