StateWORKS: The Product

We offer a development environment called StateWORKS Studio complete a Run-Time System library required for building your applications or a thinStates compiler that generates the code of the specified state machines.

StateWORKS Studio

finite state machine

StateWORKS Studio is a professional software development environment.The package contains:

There is also a user manual and a quick start guide provided. StateWORKS Studio is designed for Windows 8/7/XP operating systems. more...

StateWORKS Runtime System

The designed specification can be linked together with the provided RTDB library to your application. The RTDB library is available for several embedded (also disc-less) and non-embedded operating systems like Windows 8/7/XP, Windows CE, Linux and can be provided on any other OS of your choice. more...

The thinStates compiler

The thinStates compiler translates the StateWORKS specification results into C code. This work is aimed primarily at those embedded systems which are unsuitable for running the entire RTDB library. Of course it can be used on any platform if required.