StateWORKS Newsletter #2, 2.05.2003

1. Special topic
2. Technical note: What is StateWORKS

1. Special topic

Actually, the next significant newsletter is planned for June. There are some observations that have forced me to write a short technical note in the hope that it helps to clear up a basic question: “What is StateWORKS”. It seems that the answer is more difficult to express than we had thought. We have been helped to understand this problem by unfavourable reviews of papers we have submitted and by similar comments from various. If we use the expression “state machine” it is easily classified as an “old stuff” and rejected. A friend of mine suggested once that we should invent a new name for a state machine to increase the chances.

Since we have set up the Web site the problem is even more obvious. In the times in which we now live it is difficult to concentrate more than a minute or so on any text. Thus, we focus on headlines, having no time to understand the concept. The difficulty is that to understand how and why StateWORKS has solved the problem of specifying and running an application control requires many hours. The challenge we are confronted is how to convince visitors to our Web site to invest these hours. Of course, it is impossible.

Therefore I wrote a short text which does not explain how it is achieved but shows the basic differences between StateWORKS approach and other tools. Perhaps some people will read it and discover “how the StateWORKS approach differs from those of the other tool vendors”. (We shall also try to express the StateWORKS concepts more clearly on the next revision to the Web site.)

Let me know whether I succeeded.

F. Wagner

2. Technical Note

The technical note What is StateWORKS is provided as a PDF document on the StateWORKS web-page.