StateWORKS Newsletter 3/2008


  1. Welcome
  2. StateWORKS Studio version 7.2
  3. Product

1. Welcome

At the end of 2008 we have ready version 7.2 of StateWORKS Studio. With the new version we are changing also the product policy. We hope that the change will make our software more attractive.

I wish you all the best for 2009.

F. Wagner

2. StateWORKS Studio version 7.2

All programs have underdone revisions, changes, extensions and corrections:

  • The StateWORKS Editor is a very stable software. So, it has received only some cosmetic changes but we have rewritten completely the Help which is now an Html Help.
  • The SWLab and SWMon programs received some cosmetic changes.
  • SWQuickPro has been programmed anew using the VFSMLib. Some objects properties has been added, especially the RawData attribute has been implemented for all objects concerned (see the Newsletter 2/2008 and the technical note "Using tcp/ip channels as an I/O interface" on our web site). The testing features have been improved.
  • The tcp/ip interface has been redesigned and implemented to meet the requirements for input/output handling (see technical note mentioned above). The changes were implemented in RTDB server and in the tcpipclient library (and corresponding dll) used by tcp/ip clients such as SWMon and SWQuickPro.
  • The SWExecStandard with the new tcp/ip link is now a complete run-time system to be used with tcp/ip based IO-handler.

3. Product

Our basic product contains now the specification tool StateWORKS Studio and the run-time system SWExecStandard to be used with IO-handlers with tcp/ip link to the RTDB server. That package is available in three variants: Pro, Basic and LE (see the price list on our web site).

The libraries RTDB and VfsmLib are separate products.