StateWORKS Newsletter #6, 11.11.2003

1. Welcome
2. Exhibition in Nürnberg
3. Case Study: "StateWORKS in industrial control"

1. Introduction

I am pleased to write again a message to you. The reason is that StateWORKS will be present on SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition in Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany. The StateWORKS team will be very glad to meet you there. We shall be at the TCI Stand - Hall 7, Nr. 7-124.

Note also a new case study and some improvements in our web site ( To strengthen our presence on the German market we added the German portal ( The German content is rather modest at the moment but it will expand in the future.

F. Wagner

2. Exhibition in Nürnberg

The SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition in Nürnberg will be held between 25-27.11.2003. We will display StateWORKS Studio on the stand of the TCI company, a distributor of industrial PC equipment (see You are welcome on this stand where you could have a personal contact with a StateWORKS representative. Languages: English, French, German and Polish.

We will also make a presentation of StateWORKS Studio at the Forum on Thursday, 27.11.2003 at 15 h. in Hall 8, Stand 8-421. The German title "StateWORKS und CompactPower - Steuerungen programmieren wie Ihnen der Schnabel gewachsen ist" (eng. "StateWORKS and CompactPower - control system programming the easy way") sounds a little bit frivolous but the content will be quite serious. The talk will be given in German.


3. Case Study: "StateWORKS in industrial control"

The new case study under the title " StateWORKS in industrial control" will be the base of our presentation in Nürnberg. Our first three case studies concentrated on state machine design. The new one discusses features of the Real Time Data Base (RTDB) which is the base of StateWORKS Systems. Taking a not too complex but on the other hand not too abstract example of a typical situation met in an industrial system the paper explains how a StateWORKS System implements the control system in such an environment.